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Joey Brooks, The Show Must Go On
 is the story of The First Lady of Ybor (Tampa, Florida)
from the days of El Goya to present day. This is Joey's first book, an inspiring and historical
account of the glorious, and not so glorious, days of Ybor City.
 Joey Brooks, Female Impersonator, Show director, hostess, author…

              “Old school, new school, no school… who gives a shit?"
                   I’m too old to go to school. I barely remember last week. When I get too old to remember what the fuck I did when I was young …ger, I’ll just open this book and laugh my ass off. I wonder how many other queens had this much fun becoming one of the icons of their community. Too funny. I just called myself an icon. Hell, I must be a queen. Only a female impersonator could call themselves a diva, a queen, a star without people giggling behind her back. Giggling is good. A twenty-dollar bill is better.

Written for Joey Brooks based on her transcripts by Todd Kachinski Kottmeier
Published by Zinnia Press    www.zinniapress.com

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